Device Financing



Customers will now be eligible to get device on Loan (Device Financing) over a 3 – 6 months period. Device Financing on MOMO by definition is making an initial deposit on a device collecting the device and Paying the balance over a select period of time via MTN mobile Money.


  1. As a MTN mobile money Subscriber you are eligible to get a smartphone on Financing
  2. A Device can be gotten before complete payment towards the device
  3. Device Financing is an affordable means of attaining the smartphone of your dreams.

How Does this work:

  • As an MTN Mobile Money Subscriber, Simply Dial *303#,
  • Look for “Kongola” On the MOMO Menu
  • Select Kongola Ka phone
  • Select the Device of your choice and begin to make a part payment
  • Upon initial payment towards your device, Visit the nearest MTN Service Centre with your ID and provide the service centre agent with your phone number
  • The Service centre agent will have you fill in a quick form of confirmation of collection you are DONE


Terms and Conditions

  1. Customers are only eligible for this service if and only if they are MTN MoMo Subscribers
  2. MTN Serves the right to change the device available on Financing from Time to time without any prior notice to the public
  3. Customers place One device on
  4. Customers are to allow for 3 working days for the device to be deployed to the nearest service centre for collection. In the unlikely event the device still not present at the service centre post visit, the customer is to allow for 48hrs for the device to be deployed
  5. In the event the customer wishes to cancel their Device on Financing, the customer is to visit a Service centre near them. Provide the Service centre written signed off consent of desire to cancel their device on Financing. Cancellation of a device on Layby will be accompanied with the respective 1 months interest of the total duration of the loan as handling fee on already made deposit towards the device on Financing. The customer is the then allow for 10 working days for balance of the already made deposit to be refunded to their Mobile Money Account
  6. All Device on Financing come with a Free MTN Data bundle ( Also Subject to change without prior notice to the public). Please Refer to MTN Reverse Bundling T’s n C’s for more Detail on types of bundles and respective Business rules.
  7. Upon Failure to make monthly payments towards the phone the vendor of the Service has the right to lock the phone remotely partially or completely
  8. To make payment, the MOMO short code will be available for access. This is to either seek assistance and or make the due payment to the device.
  9. In the event the loan repayment is in arrears, The customer’s MOMO account will be automatically swept to make complete or part due payment on the loan.
  10. Upon immediate possession of the device , you will be responsible for and liable for all risk in and to the device which will include but not be limited to loss, damage, accidental damage, liquid damage, theft unauthorised use of the device subject to any applicable warranty provided with such device or imposed by operation of law.
  11. From time to time, by giving you advance notices of non payment , the device will be locked until the  payment is made in full .
  12. The warranty from date of purchase lies with the relevant manufacturer for the duration of the implied warranty period between 12 and 24 months, depending on manufacturer and is subject to the manufacturer terms and conditions.
  13. The customer will be required to make an initial deposit which is factored into the cost of acquiring a device through the Device loan Offer This will then be followed in the installment amounts with the respective interest payments amount.



Q: Who can access this service?

All prepaid and hybrid customers who are MTN mobile Money Subscribers

Q: How does the service work?

First installment

  • Simply Dial *303#
  • Look for “Kongola” on the Mobile Money menu
  • Select Kongola Ka Phone
  • Select a device
  • Select Phone of your Choice and Duration of payment
  • Select point of collection
  • Confirm selection
  • Enter PIN for Double Confirmation of the Initial deposit and month deductions to follow.
  • You will receive SMS confirmation for status.


  • You will get a preapproval Prompt to consent for the payments to be deducted on the respective due dates.
  • If this prompt does not come,
    • Dial *303*9#
    • Select option 3) My Preapprovals
    • Enter PIN

After this is done, you can visit the Selected Service Centre after 2 working days. Make sure to carry respective ID mapped to your MoMo Account. A Customer Service Agent can call you to come collect your device sooner than this if readily available

Next installment

  • Dial *303#
  • Look for “Kongola” on the Mobile Money menu
  • Select “ Kongola Ka Phone”
  • The menu will only give the “Make Payment” payment option
  • Enter PIN for Confirmation of the installment amount and the respective device
  • You will receive SMS confirmation for status


Q: I bought a Smart phone on Financing and Have not received the free bundle on that device. What could be the issue?

The Customer may have received a bundle in the last 90days on another smartphone. Customers are only allowed one Type of Free Bundle once every 90Days regardless how many new smart phones they have changed within 90days of last smart phone purchase with free bundle activation.

Q: I have received my Free Device Data bundle but unable to browse, what could be causing this?

It might be that your data Settings are not activated. Follow the following steps to configure your MTN data Settings:

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Connections
  • Select Mobile Networks
  • Select Access Point Name (APN)
  • Click Add APN
  • Under Name Enter MTN INTERNET
  • Under APN Enter INTERNET
  • The click Save
  • Reboot Phone for a couple of seconds and you should be able to browse thereafter


If this is not successful, kindly call the Call Centre or visit the nearest MTN Service Centre for free of charge assistance

Q: I Have not receive my Device offer what must I do?

  • Try downgrade the technology on the device from 4G to 3G and reset the device. To do this,
    1. Go to Settings
    2. Connections
    3. Mobile Network
    4. Select the SIM Card with the MTN SIM
    5. Select 3G Only
    6. Confirm the selection and then restart the device
  • In the event the customer has still not received this bundle, within 48 hours of activation and the process above, the customer is to provide feedback at the respective store where this device was purchased and/or visit the nearest MTN service Centre. The matter will then be investigated and if eligible, the customer will be credited within 14days of lodging this query.

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