Spaka Life

What is Spaka Life?

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Spaka Life is our new Subscription that gives you access to amazing services and products like free data, free social media, lower priced calling and more.

How can I access Spaka Life?

All you need to do is dial *222# to automatically subscribe for Spaka Life. Subscription is free.

What Do I Get?

Spaka life gives you Voice, Data and Lifestyle Benefits;


Add up to 3 buddy numbers (MTN numbers only) and enjoy the Spaka Life calling rate of 20 Ngwee per minute anywhere, anytime.

All calls you make while at a major campuses/colleges to MTN numbers are will be charged at 20 Ngwee per minute.


With Spaka Life you get a FREE data allowance of 200MB per month! Your free Data can be redeem through the *777# GIFT folder.


Spaka Life gives you Free Instagram and Free Facebook flex (Ts and Cs apply)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often do I get my 200MB per month?

A: You are only eligible to receive the 200MB once per month, regardless of how many times you re-subscribe in the same month.

Q: Can I share the free 200 MB?

A: No, the free 200 MB is not sharable or transferrable

Q: How do I redeem my free 200 MB every month?

A: To enjoy the Free 200 MB you have to be activated on Spaka Life and redeem it from the Gift Folder on *777# every month

Q: I’m I still eligible to buy Spaka Bundles when I am on Spaka Life?

A:Yes, simply dial *211#

Q: Do I get charged to subscribe to Spaka Life?

A: No, subscription is free.

Q: How do I opt out of Spaka Life

A: Simply dial *222# and select opt out. There will be no charge.

Q: Who is Eligible for Spaka Life?

A: Prepaid customers on MTN Call Per Second.

Q: Can I still enjoy Spaka Life when I am Off Campus?

A: Yes, you can add 3 MTN buddy numbers to call at 20 ngwee per minute, when you are Off Campus.

Q: Can I call other networks when I am using Spaka Life?

A: Yes, as per your tariff.

Q: What other benefits are there with Spaka Life?

A: You also get Free Facebook Flex and Free Instagram as per the existing Ts&Cs

Q: How many buddies can I add and can I change them?

You can add a maximum of 3 MTN buddies who you can change at any time

Q: Do I get charged for adding a Spaka Buddy?

A: No, adding a Spaka Buddy is Free.

Terms and Conditions

Instagram will be Free capped at 50MB each day

Facebook Flex is free 24/7 however pictures and videos cannot be viewed from Free Facebook Flex

The 200MB is valid for 7 days once redemeed each month

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